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Juuicing became a Hobby
Some potential health issues were in sight. Doctor said IBS, acid reflux, sinuses, and heart problems.Started juicing at home more frequently, it was time to start taking back control of me.

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Juuice Hobby became Juuice Hustle
Mason jars were attracting lots of questions, juice receipe request, and ultimately making juice for friends, family, and colleagues. Explored business ideas – First step, needed a logo!!!

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Juuice Hustle became Juuice Profession
Business launched ….. It was a very challenging start, but never the less the journey continues. Entreprenurial Lesson #1: It’s a process. Everyday is a new obstacle. Every step forward, no matter how small, is a win. Just start and keep taking steps.

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Juuice Atlanta New Home
Our new home is complete. Our vision is closer to reality. This process has made us better business owners, community advocates, and more importantly a better self.
Now to finish the re-branding, and tidying up loose ends!!!

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Juuice Atlanta became a movement
Juuice Atlanta Rebrand is Complete! We are excited about the enhanced website and getting back connected to our juice family. Glad to be back!!

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We Use Best Quality Products for Our Smoothies

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Our Team

We Are Talented!
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